Dr. Erin Bearss

Associate Chief, Family Medicine
Medical Director, COVID-19 Assessment Centre

In the early days of the pandemic, Sinai Health moved swiftly to convert the Hennick Family Wellness Gallery inside Mount Sinai Hospital to a COVID-19 assessment centre. As its medical director, Dr. Bearss was instrumental in getting the centre operational. She also led Sinai Health’s “vaccination squad.”

“There was an all-hands-on-deck mentality in setting up the assessment centre. It was amazing how quickly things got set up. We would say, ‘We need this!’ and the answer back would be, ‘Okay!’ People from various departments came together and we worked as a team right from the get-go. The other thing that made it successful was the support of the hospital leadership.

“Sinai Health is helping serve our community, both in providing access to testing and through vaccination initiatives. During the first wave, Sinai Health partnered with long-term care homes. So it was really nice to go back nine months later to provide vaccinations to those same patients. The first home we visited with vaccinations was among the hardest hit. To return with vaccines to administer to people who had experienced such devastation was emotional for many of us.

“We’ve seen how the world, the city, public health and government have turned to hospitals to take the lead on all aspects of health care. We’re leading on testing, contact tracing and vaccinations. It’s flattering that so many have turned to hospitals for leadership, and Sinai Health has played a big role. I’m proud of how we came together as a hospital and in the community to organize and provide safe care in a new and dynamic environment.”

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