Jackie Eli

Senior Clinical Program Director, Rehabilitation & Ambulatory Care
Bridgepoint Active Healthcare

During the pandemic, for everyone’s safety, many patients have been put on additional precautions for various reasons. As a result, clinical teams have shifted the way they provide in-patient rehabilitation services. Additional therapy equipment and supplies were purchased to enable "in-room" rehabilitation. Jackie Eli says this shift has been a real game-changer, and is enabling patients to begin their rehab as soon as they are admitted. 

“Before the pandemic, most out-patient services were provided on site and in person. The teams are now providing patients with a combination of virtual and on-site sessions, which is a model that will likely continue. The feedback from patients, families and clinical teams has been very positive, and will inform new models of care. It’s a matter of meeting patients’ needs in different ways.

“It's really been a collaborative approach — I think that's been the silver lining of the pandemic. When an urgent situation occurs, everybody steps up to help. All departments — environmental services, food services, facilities, security, admitting and utilization, clinical operations, clinical teams, physicians and others — have joined efforts to help meet the needs of patients, families and each other. It is truly an amazing culture to be a part of, especially during a global pandemic.”

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