Krista Caulfield

Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP)
SLP Clinical Practice Lead
Bridgepoint Active Healthcare

Typically, Krista Caulfield works with patients who have a variety of communication disorders that affect speech, language, cognition and the ability to eat and drink safely. During the pandemic, she and her team found themselves taking on different roles to ensure each patient at Bridgepoint continued to receive the best possible care. 

“What I remember from those first few months was we went from everyone changing their clothes before we started work, before we left work, and wiping our cars down, to strengthening our knowledge about what we were confronting. With guidance from Infection Prevention and Control, we got more comfortable with our day to day, and drew comfort from each other as we got through the challenges together.

“Early in the pandemic, Sinai Health was navigating how to safely increase access to essential care partners in the hospital, coupled with a reduction of on-site volunteers who led the mealtime assistance program. Our team developed an alternate model of care so we could help with feeding. Typically, we assess patients’ swallowing rather than feed them meals, but there were times when I was feeding up to 10 or 12 patients a day. I’m proud of how my department stepped up and fulfilled that need when our patients needed us.

“We all had to learn to lean on each other in different ways, in different roles. For many of us, we chose careers in health care to serve our patients, and that never wavered. I consider that one of the big triumphs from this past year: We were all dedicated to being here every day, and doing anything we could to care for our patients and keep them safe.”

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