Nely Amaral

Director, Nursing Quality & Performance
Magnet® Program Director

In December 2020, Mount Sinai Hospital achieved Magnet re-designation for excellence in care and patient experience. The Magnet program distinguishes health care organizations that meet rigorous standards for nursing excellence. That Mount Sinai received this recognition in 2020 is a testament to the hospital’s unwavering commitment to deliver safe, high-quality and compassionate care. Mount Sinai’s application for Magnet recognition was spearheaded by the program’s director, Nely Amaral, in partnership with an inter-professional team spanning nursing, health disciplines, administrators, IT, and patients and care partners from the Mount Sinai community.

“Initially, we were hesitant to schedule the three-day virtual site visit (VSV) for the Magnet appraisers, as so many resources had shifted towards COVID-19 activities. We ultimately decided it was important because it helped us get back to why we are such amazing nurses, health disciplines, physicians and teams — we felt it was important during this time to celebrate our excellence in patient care and professional work environment.

“During the VSV, the teams had an opportunity to share how proud they were of Mount Sinai’s response to the pandemic. Many of our nurses described the hospital’s response as safe, transparent and supportive during a time of so much uncertainty.

“Following the VSV, the Magnet appraisers told me our people had moved them to tears. Our COVID-19 response was highlighted as a strength; it showcased how our organization and people had joined forces to support one another.

“It’s important to know we're the only hospital in Canada that has this recognition. We've been working towards this for years. You have to demonstrate excellence over a four-year period. The fact that we've been the only ones in Canada to successfully apply for this distinction speaks to the level of excellence among our teams.”

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