$10 million Driscoll gift transforms how Sinai Health cares for patients with infectious diseases

The generosity of John and Merrilyn Driscoll is enabling Sinai Health to develop a new generation of leaders in the field of infectious disease. 

Part of the Driscoll family’s $10 million gift to Sinai Health will establish an infectious disease endowed fellowship program — the first of its kind in the 100-year history of Mount Sinai Hospital. The Driscoll Family Fellowship Program in Infectious Diseases will support and nurture Canada’s emerging infectious disease experts.

Under the fellowship program, trainees with growing expertise in clinical care and research related to microbiology, infection prevention and control, and infectious disease management and diagnosis will train under Sinai Health’s infectious disease leaders, now at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, this generous gift will endow the Dr. Donald Low Chair in Emerging Infectious Diseases, one of our Mount Sinai 100 Chairs, which honour our most eminent trailblazers. The late Dr. Low was a legendary leader in infectious disease control and noted for his role in battling the SARS outbreak of 2003.