See What Care Can Do: update

ShowCaSing exCellenCe and CoMPaSSion in health Care

See What Care Can Do

The stories we told and the support we raised during another challenging year

Sinai Health Foundation continued to shine a light on health-care excellence and compassion with new installments to the See What Care Can Do brand campaign.

Sinai Health Foundation kicked things off by celebrating motherhood and Sinai Health’s world-class team of women’s and infants’ health specialists. In May, we launched Care for the Strongest, two mini documentaries commissioned by Sinai Health Foundation and shot by award-winning cinematographer Goh Iromoto. Highlighting the power of motherhood, the films showcase Sinai Health’s renowned high-risk pregnancy program and how it is uniquely positioned to treat some of the most complicated pregnancies in Canada.

“It was especially poignant to have launched the next phase of our See What Care Can Do campaign during the pandemic,” said Sinai Health Foundation’s CEO, Louis de Melo. “Life around us had irrevocably changed, but babies continue to be welcomed into families. Our parents and care teams face so many challenges, and we wanted everyone to know our dedication to helping families will always endure.”

Building on the spring documentaries establishing Sinai Health as a powerhouse in delivering healthy families, we followed up with a campaign last fall called Missing Pieces, which underscored women’s health issues that are often undertreated and misdiagnosed. The campaign highlighted Sinai Health’s globally recognized expertise in women’s health, while acknowledging the many gaps in our understanding of how to best diagnose and treat pressing issues, such as endometriosis and menopause.  

Finally, when the Omicron variant challenged Sinai Health’s already strained capacity, we launched a renewed focus on our Sinai Health Urgent Response Fund (SHURF) to offer relief to our health-care heroes, who continue to deliver unparalleled care day in and day out. We produced a video to help drive home the need for support.  

The SHURF provides health-care teams with emergency funds to keep fighting the pandemic. Funds raised also help Sinai Health patients by allowing us to mobilize rapidly, bring in resources and purchase supplies during this unprecedented public health emergency.