This is the second year that our letter is shaped against the backdrop of the pandemic, as Sinai Health continues to focus our efforts on responding to the largest health care crisis of our time. The situation is certainly more optimistic than a year ago, with the third wave declining and vaccinations proving more effective than we could imagine. Although the COVID-19 pandemic continues to require careful time and attention, we optimistically take this opportunity to reflect on another important year for Sinai Health and look forward to a brighter future.

In spite of the pandemic, many major accomplishments were achieved at Mount Sinai Hospital. We successfully received Magnet re-designation, a prestigious international recognition for excellence in patient care and experience, and continue to be the only hospital in Canada with this designation. Major strides were made towards completing Renew Sinai 3A, the largest and most ambitious redevelopment in the history of the hospital. With the opening of our surgical services floor, new state-of-the-art operating rooms, a Medical Devices Reprocessing Department and first half of the new Schwartz-Reisman Emergency Centre, we continue our ongoing commitment to the delivery life-changing care.

The Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute (LTRI) continues to produce medical discoveries and science at the highest international level. Scientists have led research for testing and treatment of COVID-19, taking discovery from bench to bedside in a just over a year. We celebrate Dr. Dan Drucker, Senior Scientist, who is a recipient of a 2021 Canada Gairdner International Award, the most prestigious biomedical research award in the country. Just one of so many LTRI scientists receiving the most prestigious national and international honours in recognition of their groundbreaking contributions. We also applaud and thank Dr. Jim Woodgett, who completed a remarkably successful tenure as Research Director of LTRI.

At Bridgepoint Active Healthcare, an innovative virtual rehab program enabled the delivery of more than 4,000 virtual patient visits. Likewise, when the second wave peaked, Bridgepoint was ready and began accepting patient transfers from acute care hospitals in the hotspot areas of the city hardest hit by COVID-19. Over a period of four months, Bridgepoint accepted more than 120 of these patient transfers — more than any other post-acute care facility in Ontario.

Our system partner, Circle of Care, overcame enormous challenges to provide more than one million hours of personal support, almost 280,000 thousand delivered meals and 84,000 rides for seniors to access care, essentials, or to receive a vaccination. Circle of Care continues to proudly care for over 1,500 Holocaust survivors in the GTA, administering one of the ten largest grants for Holocaust survivors in the world.

Over the last year, we marked the end of an era for our institution and mourn the loss of three giants who made significant contributions to Sinai Health. Longtime Board members; the Right Honourable John Turner and Joseph Lebovic, also a transformative philanthropist for Mount Sinai Hospital; as well as Dr. Louis Siminovitch, a giant in the Canadian research community and the founding Scientific Director of the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute.

We thank and congratulate Brent Belzberg, who completed his term as chair of the Sinai Health Board. We are indebted to Brent for his leadership in transforming Sinai Heath into an integrated health care system that continues to move from strength to strength, performing far beyond our expectations in just six short years.

None of the extraordinary efforts of the past year would be possible without the passion and drive of our Sinai Health community.

To all our people of Sinai Health, who continue to strive for excellence in care and service every day, regardless of the circumstances, we thank and celebrate you. Throughout this past year, we have been amazed by your strength and ability. For all that you do in service of each other and for our patients, we are immensely grateful.

To our dedicated and engaged Board and Committee leadership, we thank you for your constant and faithful service to Sinai Heath.

And to our donor community, our heartfelt thanks for the ongoing support and generosity that allows us to discover and deliver life-changing care.


Peter F. Cohen
Chair, Board of Directors
Sinai Health
Dr. Gary Newton
President and CEO
Sinai Health

Lynn and Brent Belzberg
"The culture of caring and service we have at Sinai Health is truly unmatched. You see it in the awards we win, but you also see it every day, in the commitment of our front-line people."
Brent S. Belzberg, C.M.
Celebrating three decades of leadership

On the completion of his tenure as board chair, we celebrate Brent Belzberg, a visionary leader who has been an incredible partner to Sinai Health for more than three decades.  

“Brent was the board chair who took a brand-new Sinai Health system and converted it from an idea and an exciting concept to a reality,” says Dr. Gary Newton, President and CEO of Sinai Health. “His vision and unwavering drive were crucial to transforming us into the integrated, world-leading system we are today.”

During his four years as board chair, Brent took great pride in the launch of Phase 3A of Mount Sinai’s redevelopment, advocating for life-changing programs such as the Ontario Fetal Centre, and in being a tireless champion for Sinai Health.

“Brent’s dedication to Sinai Health is unparalleled,” says incoming board chair, Peter F. Cohen. “I’ve known Brent for many years, and I’ve particularly enjoyed working with him in his role as chair, and more recently on the transition. He is a true team player and Sinai Health is a better place because of him.”

Brent’s commitment to Sinai Health will be felt for generations to come and we are deeply grateful for his tireless efforts. Our community has never been stronger, our work more essential and we appreciate his continued involvement on Sinai Health’s board and committees. Thank you, Brent.

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